Healing Psychic Talk Therapy 

Holistic healing with Sonia, a gifted spiritual psychic medium for over 25 years. She is a strong honest person who leads, listens and advises wisely, using unique dialog and techniques.

Treatments for



Emotional Trauma



and more.

My Services

Healing Psychic Talk therapy

Reduce stress & balance your body

Identify and open inner awareness

Body Scanning to identify health issues

Make-up Image consultation

When people are depressed, stressed, have emotional trauma or illness it's not only because of external situations but can be because their lives are out of balance.

I can help you change and open the path for you to heal and discover new options for your life to be more content and happy. You will be able to understand the past and prepare for the future.

Contact Me

Call Sonia for Confidential Appointment at  705.930.2922 

Or Email:   [email protected]

English, Czech and Slovak languages

Price List

Psychic talk therapy                          ( 1 hour )                              $70

Healing  Body & Mind                        ( 1 hour )                              $60           

Body Scanning                                         ( .5 hour )                            $45

Make-up Image consultation      ( .5 hour )                            $30


 Spiritual  Tarot  Reading                ( 1 hour )                              $55    

                     (Cash and PayPal payments are accepted)                            

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